What a Saturday that was....

Last Saturday, close on 100 members enjoyed a fabulous day of tennis finals, teas, a drink or two, and a party. It was great to see so many from across the whole club benefitting from the superb efforts from an army of volunteers. I include in that army those responsible for the upkeep of the courts, grounds and clubhouse, the tournament organisers, the umpires, the tea team, the bar manager and helpers, the Race Night organisers, and those that cleared up - days like that don’t happen without volunteers.

The club owes each of the volunteers a great deal of thanks for providing such a good time for all, as well as raising more than £200 for charity and contributing a significant boost to club funds.

The club benefits from some of the best facilities in Wales, and some superb camaraderie on and off court. Last Saturday in many ways represented the very heart of the club. To maintain that we do need more volunteers, both on and off the committee. The AGM is next Jan 28th, when next year’s committee posts will be filled.

Please give some thought as to how you could best help the club - maybe on the committee, maybe assisting a specific committee member in their role, maybe organising a social event, some BBQs or a one-off tournament, maybe general clearing up and tidying or DIY. Of course, we are always looking for people to help man the bar and/or sell teas. Please let a committee member know where you can best help, or drop a note to info@radyrtennis.co.uk

Here are just 3 of many reasons that some people volunteer:

1. You might want to change the way things are done:

Is there something about the way the club is run that you are not completely happy with?    

In no particular order, perhaps something to do with tournaments, handicaps, team selection, use of clubhouse, floodlights, social events, court usage, organisation, maintenance priorities, socials, the bar?

A role on the committee would enable you to argue your case, get the support and change things how you would like, or even actually simply organise something the way you would like to see it done.

2. You might want to give something back/contribute for all that you have gained from your membership

All of us have hopefully enjoyed playing tennis on the club’s courts and/or the social life around the clubhouse and grounds. Most of this is provided by the work of those who volunteer, and it’s only fair that this is shared around. It’s always good to say thank you for something from which you have benefitted, and actions speak louder than words! 

3. The more you put in, the more you get out

It’s a well known mantra - and of course very true - Getting involved has its rewards.
You can contribute a skillset you have or develop new skills.

There is the camaraderie from working in a team helping each other

There is the satisfying feeling of having done something worthwhile that people have appreciated.

To provide something like last Saturday using professionals rather than volunteers would have made the costs prohibitive. The club is its members. 

At RLTC , there are many opportunities - committee posts, or helping a committee member, or ad hoc volunteering. Tennis/Facilities/Social or regular tasks- teas/bars/clearing up after events/emptying bins. The list is long. Please think what you could do to help. 

We can all make a difference. 



As a PS - below is another list of reasons to volunteer, taken from an American website……

Why Volunteer?

There are dozens of reasons why you should volunteer - you just need to find the one that feels right.


  •     Help others
  •     Make a difference
  •     Find purpose
  •     Enjoy a meaningful conversation
  •     Connect with your community
  •     Feel involved
  •     Contribute to a cause that you care about
  •     Use your skills in a productive way
  •     Develop new skills
  •     Meet new people
  •     Explore new areas of interest
  •     Meet good people
  •     Impress your mom
  •     Impress yourself
  •     Expand your horizons
  •     Get out of the house
  •     Make new friends
  •     Strengthen your resume
  •     Feel better about yourself