Tennis Teas

Tennis Teas are a tradition at Radyr Tennis Club and provide a focal point for social tennis on Saturday afternoons.  Please sign-up by adding your name to the Tea Rota at the clubhouse or contact Liz Barnes or Catherine Davies

Tennis Teas now only consist of cake and a cup of tea.  The cost of a Saturday Tea is 50p per item.

We currently Invite all female members to participate in the Tea Rota as the male members are placed on the Bar Rota (also available on this website under Socials). Members volunteer once a year to provide a “tea” in teams of two or three. It provides a valuable source of income for the club and allows new members, social members and potential members to mix with existing members in a relaxed atmosphere as an introduction to the club.

It is difficult to predict how busy any teas will be but we generally suggest providing 36 portions of cakes/biscuits per person.

Some Saturdays are usually busier such as finals days and we will usually have 3 people on those days. To help cover costs each contributor can take up to £10 from the money taken. 

Teas are served at 4.30pm and you can prepare everything at home. The tables will also need to be set out. Teabags and squash to make the drinks are provided in the clubhouse kitchen but you will need to bring milk and one lemon.

The week before Teas the float and keys for the clubhouse need to be collected from Liz / Catherine either on Tuesday night at the club or by arranging a convenient time. Please do not leave it until Saturday as Liz / Catherine might not be available!