Club Etiquette

Like many sporting clubs Radyr Lawn Tennis Club as its own ‘unwritten guidance’ on what is expected from us all in terms of etiquette and behaviour and to ensure we remain good neighbours to all those who live around nearby.

As a result the committee has put together a brief code of conduct that all members, whatever category or age, should follow. We hope you find this helpful.

  • Tennis courts are for the playing of tennis only. NO other ball games or wheeled carriers are allowed on ANY of the courts. Football/ cricket etc. can be played on the grassed area to the right of the courts only.
  • Scooters and bikes etc. may be used on the pathway and on the grass to the right of the courts. Please ensure they are not brought into the area in front of the club house – they can be a health and safety hazard for all members – young and old. The clubhouse is also an unsuitable area for ball games other than table tennis, and soft tennis under the supervision of the club coach.
  • When walking past courts where there is a match in progress, please have respect for the players and pass by quietly.
  • Finals days are very special – please respect play on these days keeping all noise and movement near courts to a minimum. For example, tennis courts next to the finals matches should not be used for social tennis.
  • Floodlights are to be used for the playing of tennis only. They switch off automatically at 10.00pm and must be paid for by the users.
  • Parents of children using the club facilities should ensure that their children are aware of the behaviour expected by the club, and supervise them.
  • Please remember that only appropriate tennis clothing and shoes should be worn as always have your shoe tag on display, otherwise you may be challenged about your membership.
  • RLTC is a members club run by you. Please will you all - including social members and children - clear up after yourselves, bin rubbish, recycle, wash up, put furniture back, return glasses to the bar, etc.
  • All adult members are also expected to volunteer to help out with Saturday Teas and/ or bar duty.
  • Guests of members cannot purchase drinks at the bar as this is in breach of the license. Any one person can be a guest (either socially or playing tennis) only three times in a season, and must sign the visitors book which is kept behind the bar.
  • The bar is licensed to stay open until 11.00pm. It will not open before 5.30pm on a Saturday afternoon.