Term Time

Christmas term 2018 courses are now uploaded, see table below!

Children(for Adults, see at the bottom of the page)

Coaching sessions run every week throughout the school term (Christmas, Easter and Summer) and are approximately 12 weeks in duration depending on the term length. Outside of term time we also have Tennis Camps running at the Club (see School Holiday page under Coaching), emails will be issued closer to the time confirming this.

Things to remember before signing up....
No sessions are cancelled due to adverse weather. In the event of adverse weather, alternate arrangements are made to play in the clubhouse for most of the mini tennis groups, some slots have multiple groups so the bigger group will have priority.
All children must be a member of the tennis club in order to take part in coaching. If not, they are uninsured and will be unable to take part in coaching (allowed one taster session).
By attending coaching, you agree to paying for the term unless a taster is agreed. If you haven't paid then you will be unable to attend.
Dates of the groups can be found by simply clicking on the time below.
Parents are responsible for children outside of the advertised coaching hours.

By signing up you agree to photos/videos being used for analysis or promotional purposes.
Contact details and medical information on ClubSpark must be kept up to date so they can be used by coaches in the case of emergency etc.
Those on the courses already have priority over new sign ups providing sign ups are done by the start of term.

Please follow these steps to enrol ...

1 - Choose the time of your class below based on your child's level/school year. Click on the class to see if there is availability. Children are allowed a 'taster' session for £5 before committing to the course and membership so get in touch with Drew to arrange it (please do not just turn up as the course may be full). Taster Link here

2 - If your child would like to continue with the course, you'll need to sign up your child as a member of the Club using the link for the Membership page(your child must be a member of Radyr LTC to partake in coaching).         Membership link

3 - Please register your child before the start of their first session. Sign up by clicking on the session and entering your details on the ClubSpark site. Instructions are below:
Click on the session required (links below). Press Ctrl and click to open in a new tab so that you can still access the instructions.
Click 'book your place'.
Sign in to your account, or you will need to register an account with your contact detailsfirst and then that of your child's if you haven't set up an account already (make sure you put in the correct date of birth for yourself otherwise the system will tell you that you are unable to register due to being under 16).
It should come up with a screen showing 'Who would you like to attend?' and a tick box for your child. Click on the box to tick it (click 'add player' if there is no box to select).
Lower down there is a terms and conditions tick box with a 'Pay Now' box below it. Click on the terms and conditions box to tick it and then click the 'Pay Now' button.
A pay screen will flash up to enter your card number etc and click 'Pay £65.00' or less if you started the course later. The system will acceptany debit or credit card.

4 (optional) Sign up your childas a member of LTA British Tennis (tick the box affiliated to Radyr Lawn Tennis Club), so that the matches your child play in count towards their LTA Rating.  You will receive emails from them annually showing how your child is progressing. You will be signed up through the club if you don't sign up yourself so easier if you do it yourself.
5 (optional) - Sign-Up to 'RLTC News' on the Home page of this website, so you are kept up to date with all the Radyr Tennis news   - don't forget to activate the link that comes through on email. You will be signed up through the club if you don't sign up yourself.

Coaching Overview

Summer term 2018 courses are uploaded, see table below for current times!

Christmas Term 2018
10th September - 15th December

* - Session will go indoors if the weather is too wet/cold
**I am afraid we are no longer able to offer the discount for attending multiple sessions.**

Late payment Christmas Term 2018

School Year

Coaching Options Available

Pre-school pupils

Friday 9-30-10am*Friday 12.30-1pm*,

Reception or year 1 pupils

Monday 4-5pm*, Wednesday 4-5pm*Saturday 9-10am*,

Year 2 or 3 pupils

Monday 5-6pm*, Tuesday 5-6pm*Wednesday 5-6pm*Saturday 10-11am*,

Year 4 Pupils

Monday 6-7pm*, Wednesday 6-7pm*, Saturday 11am-12pm*,  Sunday 12-1pm*

Year 5 Pupils

Monday 7-8pm*Wednesday 7-8pm*, Saturday 12-1pm*

Year 6 pupils

Monday 6-7pmTuesday 6-7pmThursday 5-6pm (Year 6-9), Friday 6-7pmSaturday 12-1pm, Saturday 2-3pm,

Year 7 or 8 pupils

Monday 6-7pm, Tuesday 6-7pmThursday 5-6pm (Year 6-9)Friday 6-7pmSaturday 2-3pm

Year 9 or 10 pupils

Monday 5-6pmTuesday 6-7pm (Year 9), Tuesday 6-7pm (year 10), Thursday 5-6pm (Year 6-9)Thursday 6-7pm (Year 10-13), Friday 6-7pm, Saturday 2-3pm (Year 7-9)

Year 11 to 13 pupils

Monday 5-6pm,  Thursday 6-7pm

Secondary school age

Girls only session Wed 6-7pm,

Boys only session Wed 7-8

* - Session will go indoors if the weather is too wet/cold

Separate invitation only performance groups are below:

Year 3 Tuesday 5-6pm,
Year 4 Friday 5-6pm,
Year 5 Tuesday 4-5pm*Year 5 Saturday 1-2pm,
Year 6 Wednesday 5-6pm, Year 6 Friday 4-5pm
Year 7-9 Monday 7-8pm,
Year 8 Friday 7-8pm,
Private Girls Group Thursday 4-5pm,
If you would like to find out more about invitation only groups, please email coaching@radyrtennis.co.uk

Adults Rusty Rackets
(beginner level)

Wednesday 7-8pm
One of the coaches can advise you whether you should attend men's/ladies night.

Adults Steady Eddies
(for those progressing from RR level)    

Wednesday 8-9pm, Friday 10am-12noon (Coffee Morning)
One of the coaches can advise you whether you should attend men's/ladies night.

Adult (team level)

It is down to the captain of the team to arrange team sessions with Drew


Sessions can be arranged if there is sufficient demand

One to one lessons are also available for all ages from our coaches. Get in touch if you'd like to arrange one/some.

Tom - £17/hour