Tennismark accreditation, RLTC Christmas Tree, and more....

Tennismark+ Accreditation:

I'm very pleased to announce that the club has been awarded Tennismark+ accreditation. In the words of the LTA, "Tennismark is a way of recognising good standards and best practice at tennis venues in Britain. Tennismark+ is the high tier of this accreditation." As part of this, you will find our policies and codes of practice at  Please bring to my attention any instances of these policies/codes of practices being neglected, and appropriate action will be taken. A very big thank you to Jane Winstanley for lots of hard work to acheive this, and look out for the Tennismark+ logo. 

Christchurch Radyr Christmas Tree Festival:

Radyr LTC will be represented at this new event Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd December in the Church next to the club. A number of community groups have each decorated a tree for the event, which should be well worth a visit. For details see  - times are Friday/Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 1-4pm, with an Advent service at 6pm on Sunday. My thanks to Sherrie, Lynda, Michelle and Laura for their work on this. 

Membership Numbers:

I'm also pleased to announce that our membership numbers have now passed the landmark 600 mark, and with 4 months of the membership year to go, are still rising. My thanks to Lynda Goodwin for administering all of this throughout the year, and to all of you who encourage new members! Now we need to get lots of Wimbledon opt-ins!

Court Priority weekday evenings:

Just a reminder that Juniors have priority on Mondays, Ladies on Tuesdays, and Men on Thursdays. HOWEVER, sometimes those groups do not use all available courts, particularly after 8pm, and in that case, courts can be available for members outside those groups to play provided that they step aside if they see prioritised players waiting. Last Sunday afternoon, 2 courts were used for a match, 1 other court was being used, leaving 7 courts available on what was a pleasant sunny (but slightly cold!) afternoon.