School Holidays

Ages 4-10   : 10am until 12 pm

(details on ages 11-18 are below) 
Tennis Camps are generally held Monday to Friday of the school holidays.

Description: Children play lots of different sports (mainly tennis) during the day in a fun environment. Snacks will be provided in a break but it can be an idea to bring some as well.

The courses run in any weather with indoor backup including mini tennis with a foam ball/table tennis/fussball/quiz…etc

Link to follow (instructions for ClubSpark below if needed).

Ages 11-18   : 1pm until 4pm
High intensity Tennis Training groups are held Monday to Friday of the school holidays

Description: Children take part in 3 hours of high intensity training consisting of 1 hour of technical analysis, 1 hour of high intensity drills and 1 hour of matchplay. Pupil to coach ratios are limited to 4 pupils to a coach.

Link to follow (instructions for ClubSpark below if needed).

Bookings must be made before the day.
Please note that there is a visitors fee (£2) to be paid by non members on top of the camp fee as it is a members club.
Parents are responsible for children outside of the advertised coaching hours.
By signing up you agree to photos/videos being used for analysis or promotional purposes.
Contact details and medical information on ClubSpark must be kept up to date so they can be used by coaches in the case of emergency etc.

Instructions for using ClubSpark
Click on the session required (links above). If you press Ctrl and click to open in a new tab so that you can still access the instructions.
Click 'book your place'.
Sign in to your account, or you will need to register an account with your contact details first and then that of your child's if you haven't set up an account already (make sure you put in the correct date of birth for yourself otherwise the system will tell you that you are unable to register due to being under 16).
It should come up with a screen showing 'Who would you like to attend?' and a tick box for your child. Click on the box to tick it.
Lower down there is a terms and conditions tick box with a 'Pay Now' box below it. Click on the terms and conditions box to tick it and then click the 'Pay Now' button.
A pay screen will flash up to enter your card number etc and click 'Pay £65.00' or less if you started the course later. The system will accept any debit or credit card.

Junior Week 9the club's junior tournament) is in week 1 of the Summer Holidays every year.
This is the club's junior tournament and it's a great competitive and social environment. From the mixed handicap to the one point tournament there are chances for everyone to win a trophy.
Please remember that all entrants need to be a member of the club. People are able to sign up for membership before the draw is made to take part in the week. Try to encourage those that haven't entered before to take part as it is a great week for all of those involved and we wouldn't want them to miss out. Sign up sheets are at the club.

There are many age groups to choose from but please be aware that if you enter a lot of events, you'll need to get the first rounds played by the Tuesday. The events are boys/Girls singles in 8s,9s,10s,12s,14s and Open (18s). Boys/Girls Doubles in 14s and Open. Mixed Doubles in 10s and Open. There is a handicap event* in Boys/Girls singles and Mixed Doubles.
Under 8s Boys and Girls tournaments will be played 2-4pm Tuesday 25th July with the final played 29th July (final time TBC when all finalists are known).
Under 9s age groups will be on Thursday 27th 1-4pm with the finals played 29th July (final time TBC when all finalists are known).
The draws will go up on the Saturday so juniors are welcome to start playing their matches after the Chairman's talk on the Sunday (23rd July) at 1pm.
Schedule of matches - The children come down roughly between 10am-4pm each weekday and find their opponent to play against, find a court and go on to play. Finals day matches are scheduled and the schedule will be released on Friday evening when all semi finals are played.
Juniors are in charge of their own matches. If any problems can't be resolved on court, juniors will need to acquire the help of one of the senior juniors or captains.

*You will be given a handicap (e.g. +15) to play against someone else with a handicap (e.g. -30).