Hit With a Friend Postponed - Membership Renewals - Wimbledon

POSTPONEMENT - Hit with a Friend Day this Saturday

Due to the well reported threat of adverse weather conditions over the next few days we have decided to postpone the forthcoming 'Hit with a Friend' day this Saturday. Whilst we don't like to concede to the weather the current forecast moves from snow to rain to freezing conditions - not the best weather to invite friends for a game of tennis.

As the day has been promoted through The Radyr Chain and our own Social networking sites there is the possibility that some Friends may arrive at the Club ( either accompanied by a Club member or on their own) . If this is the case we have no objections to them having a game at the discounted visitors fee of £2.50, which will still be donated to our local Alzheimers Society, however we will not be planning the coaching hour, the fun tournament or the BBQ.

 This activity remains a great idea to support a worthwhile cause whilst at the same time showing off our facilities to the wider community and so I would emphasise this is a postponement rather than a cancellation and hopefully we will get the opportunity to run this day again in warmer times. 


Normally by now we would be inviting you to renew your membership.  However with the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes coming into force in May 2018 you will be required to Consent to the way your contact information is used.   We have been informed that the changes required to ClubSpark  to enable this should be available within a week.   The decision has therefore been made to delay the release of the membership renewal information until the updates have been made to the system.


Thank you to everyone who Opted-In to the Wimbledon Ballot.  We should know our ticket allocation in March.  Our club Ballot will take place on Friday 27 April, and you will be notified when the sign-up sheets are available in the clubhouse.

Many thanks to Cliff for his work on the Hit with a Friend Day, and to Lynda for her ongoing work with Memberships and Wimbledon Opt Ins